Rocky Mountain Bicycles!

Rocky Mountain Bicycles!

In 1978, a couple of guys in a Vancouver bike store modified a few Nishiki road bikes with wide tires, straight bars and thumbshifters with gears. This was the first experience with "mountain bikes" for the soon-to-be Rocky Mountain founders. They needed a more durable frame with aggressive geometry to withstand the harsh trails of the West Coast. So, they called Tom Ritchey and began to import his version of the mountain bike. At the same time, due to a lack of quality racing bike components, the bike store boys began to import European bike parts and frames. 

Rocky Mountain defined the freeride movement!From these modest beginnings, Rocky Mountain Bicycles was incorporated in 1981 in Vancouver. The company was named after the rugged Rocky Mountains that dominate British Columbia. The founders then accompanied Tom Ritchey to Japan to explore the world of durable components and frame tubing that could be fashioned into mountain bikes. And, in 1982, they created their first production model, and Canada's first homegrown fat-tire bike, the Sherpa.Rocky Mountain's racing heritage makes all of us a little bit faster!

Over the next years and decades, Rocky went on to win major design awards, several Bike of the Year accolades and countless races, including freeride competitions, 24-hour solo Worlds, numerous TransAlp challenges, and they even medaled in the Olympics. They also pretty much invented freeride with the Pipeline in 1998, and sponsored the first freeride team with names like Simmons, Schley and Tippie.

All of this means just one thing to you, the rider: the amazing Rocky Mountain ride. It's that undefinable quality, a feeling that you get when things just flow. You don't sit on top of the bike, the bike becomes part of you. That's what Rocky strives for and achieves. Rocky Mountain's slogan is "Love the Ride." To Rocky, it's more than advertising, it's the simple truth. Stop by the shop and ride a Rocky Mountain Bicycle. You'll see what we mean.

We carry a wide selection of Rocky Mountain Bicycles and you'll love the ride!