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Free Agent makes a BMX bike for just your style!
Free Agent BMX bikes are fast and agile!Free Agent began in the early 80’s when founders, Brent and Yvonne Shoup, wanted to build custom race frames for their sons. The steel frames with precision geometry were a recipe for success. From their home in Buena Park, California, Free Agent would grow in popularity and clout. In 1994 KHS began distributing the bikes and would purchase the company in 1996.

Free Agent knows that the fun starts with the kids!Free Agent primarily produced steel frames for racing purposes in mini, junior, expert and pro sizes. The XL (“Limo”) frames were first built for their own children, but became a coveted item and began appearing under different racers. And, the cool frames soon went from being popular on a local level to becoming nationally renowned. Free Agents were the ABA #1 national team in 1987, 1988, and 1989!

Free Agent makes a wide variety of awesome BMX bikes! Today, Free Agent has their hands in more than just BMX race bikes. They have six different lines that cater to trail, street, vert, youth and of course, racing. They also have a series of models that will take on all types of riding for the versatile cyclist. The quality and craftsmanship that got Free Agent to the top of the race scene can be found in all their bikes. So whether you're looking for the fastest bike out of the gate, or a do-it-all BMX rig, we'll gladly show you all that Free Agent has to offer.

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