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  • Free Agent Telum - 2015

    Take your freestyle riding up a notch with Free Agent's Telum. Its tough chromoly main frame takes to the air with ease so you'll be exploring your outer limits in no… [more]

  • Scott Aspect 740 - 2016

    With fast-rolling, playful 27.5-inch wheels, Scott's Aspect 740 is ready to take you on some trail adventures. The light, strong double-butted aluminum frame rides with… [more]

  • Haro Interstate - 2016

    Haro's Interstate rocks a full chromoly frame and fork. The frame comes in two sizes and has removable brakes and cable guides, so if you go brakeless, everything is… [more]

  • Haro Annex Pro XL - 2016

    Haro's Annex Pro XL features a light, durable aluminum frame for blinding out-the-gate speed. Feathery aluminum rims are paired with a speedy 44/16 drivetrain. Stiff,… [more]

  • Haro Annex Pro - 2016

    Whether its a first race bike, or your tried and trusted ride, Haro's Annex Pro is sure to please. The light, durable aluminum frame, full chromoly fork, and… [more]

  • Free Agent Volo - 2015

    Get your little ripper Free Agent's Volo, a bike that's as rad as they are. Perfect for riders not ready for a full-size 20-incher, they'll love the tough steel frame… [more]


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Go Big! Go Norco!

Norco bicycles are great for North-Shore riding and everything else too!
Want the confidence to ride the biggest lines — and land them? Norco builds bicycles for the way you ride, whether it's for transportation, fun or competition. Come in and try one soon!

Today's Tip

How To Wash Your Bike (And Keep It Clean Longer) - Before you begin, remove the high-pressure nozzle from your hose because a powerful spray forces water where you don't want it. Instead, just use the hose for rinsing, letting the water run over the bike from the top, never from the side (also, don't invert the bike). Then, fill a bucket with warm water and some mild detergent that makes lots of suds and round up an inexpensive sponge (you might also like some different size soft nylon brushes). If you have one, you can first spray a bike-cleaning solution designed to cut any dirt and grime on your bike finish and parts. To clean the bike, rinse first with the hose to loosen any dirt that would scratch the finish if you just started scrubbing, or use your bike-cleaner spray. Then dip the sponge in the soapy warm water and go over the bike cleaning it and all the parts thoroughly. If it's really dirty you may need to change the water and do it again. Rinse when done and then dry your bike with soft rags. Finally, lube the chain, cables and pivot points to expel any remaining moisture and keep things working smoothly. You can also apply a bike-specific polish to keep grime and dirt from building up as quickly.


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